Finest Bay Area Wedding Photography

Stefan Hack approaches wedding photography using a combination of two distinct but equally important facets: photojournalism and portraiture. Both are equally important - recording the events and emotions of the day, and creating elegant portraits of the bride and groom, their families, and their wedding party. Stefan is adept at switching from one to the other in an instant.

Stefan has an eye for creating documentary images at their essential moments. He captures the details, the emotions, the actions, and the atmosphere of your wedding from start to finish. He coordinates group photos for the families and the wedding party, working quickly and efficiently while producing classic and creative portraits.

For the bride and groom, Stefan creates elegant, romantic portraits, making this a fun part of your day, while also working quickly in order to not take time away from the other parts of your special day. Those other parts - laughing and dancing with your friends and family, enjoying the atmosphere created just for you, experiencing the deluge of emotions and wonderful moments - will be captured in images that will always keep the memories fresh.

Stefan regularly photographs weddings in diverse locations from San Francisco to Reno / Tahoe and from Santa Cruz to Bodega Bay. He has also traveled quite a bit to shoot destination weddings, including Mexico, New Orleans, Chicago & Santa Fe.

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For over twenty years, Stefan has immersed himself in photography, with a continuing passion for fine art, wilderness, and travel imagery. He has an eye for convergence and an intuitive sense of composition. He has studied with several notable teachers, and honed his craft of wedding and event photography working alongside a number of excellent professionals in the Bay Area. He has developed a high degree of technical ability, knowledge of different qualities of light, and the ability to create beautiful, striking images in many different lighting situations. These skills augment his already intuitive senses - he is known for capturing scenes at just the right moment.

Pyramid Focus Photography brings creativity, efficiency, technical skill, and fun to every wedding. Stefan shoots dozens of weddings and events each year, always focusing on fulfilling the bride and groom's desires, helping the day run smoothly while capturing exquisite, timeless images. "Amazing," "incredibly professional," "wonderful without being overbearing or intrusive," "extremely reliable and great in communication," "exceeded our expectations," and "everyone was just blown away by the photographs" are just a few of the comments we've received from our brides and grooms. You can rest assured of exquisite wedding photos and excellent service from Pyramid Focus Photography!